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Arabella Thring

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Arabella is a qualified Neuroplastician and has over 18 years experience working in the field of  health. She is trained as a Berard Auditory Integration Practitioner, Neuroplastician, Homeopath, Mindfulness coach and Neuro-Reflex Therapist.


She began her career as a Homeopath, training with the British School of Homeopathy and a Reflex Therapist training with the International School of Reflexology in Barcelona. Her interest in meditation lead her to train as a Mindfulness teacher with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University and The Mindfulness in Schools Project. This lead to several years teaching Mindfulness in School to young people and running Mindfulness Adult Based Stress Reduction/ Cognitive  Therapy Courses. She has trained in Somatic Movement ( including Developmental Movement Patterns and Ontogenetic Development) with  Body Mind Centering and Rhythmic Movement Training. 

She is a member of the Berard Auditory Integration Training Society, The Developmental  Practitioners Association,  The Mindfulness in Schools Project,The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and The  Reflexology Association.

After seeing young family members struggle developmentally and emotionally she developed an interest in developmental movement patterns and realised that they were fundamental to a sense of  physical/mental and emotional wellbeing and ease.  She believes in the Mind and Body’s innate ability to heal itself; to be able to re-balance and develop a sense of ease.  Her approach is a holistic one informed by the different aspects of her training. She uses drug-free, non-invasive therapies to create change.

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