AnneMarie Smellie

A Certified Key Clinic Neuroplastician, she trained at The Key Clinic in Berkshire and became a Senior Clinician. She is also a qualified Curative Hypnotherapist with over 15 years of clinical experience, specialising in anxiety issues. She has always been interested in the Mind/Body connection - each needs to support the other.

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Arabella Thring

Arabella has 17 years experience working as a Complementary Therapist. She Is a qualified  Berard Auditory Therapist (trained at The Sound Learning Centre), Homeopath (trained at The British School of Homeopathy), Mindfulness Teacher (trained at Bangor University & The University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre), and Reflex Therapist. 

Her intention is about enabling the mind and the body to be in balance.

We came together as friends with a shared philosophy  and understanding of how the mind and body work. We believe in the Mind and Body’s innate ability to heal itself; to be able to re-balance and develop a sense of ease, in order to deal with all aspects of life. Our approach is to use drug-free, non-invasive therapies to create change.