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We introduce new ways of relating to our thoughts, showing how to work through difficult thoughts and emotions so that we can take care of ourselves. The younger we start to become more aware, the easier our lives will be.


   Research has shown it can help in many ways, such as:

Managing social media

Getting out of negative spirals of thinking

Coping better with difficult mental states such as anxiety and overthinking

Helping to become more resilient and resourceful

Improving sleep

Greater concentration and focus

We see the world through our own lens, influenced by our experience  perception and expectation, we see it not as it is but as we are. Therefore  if we want to be in the world we need to start with learning to be with ourselves. We don’t need fixing,  we need to learn to listen, to pay attention.

"What you give power to, has power over you - if you allow it"

Leon Brown


Mindfulness Courses

Over a period of weeks the various courses give a greater insight into our thoughts and behaviour.

The various courses give a greater insight into our thoughts and behaviour. It can teach us how to cope with difficult thoughts, emotions and physical states in a way that is nourishing and potentially transformative.

With mindfulness we practice cultivating attitudes of curiosity, allowing and letting be, to our experiences moment by moment. In this way we find space, clarity and a deeper understanding of how we are and how the world is.

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This therapy takes approximately six one hour sessions to create change.

The Subconscious knows us better than we know ourselves. It is our filing system, with every event and associated emotion logged away. How we view an event can change over time, in the moment we can be fully charged with emotions - but hours/days later we able to step back and see if from a different perspective. However, the subconscious has stored the memory of the event with the precise emotions and thoughts at that time. Helping to re-programme these memories can lead to a more balanced person.

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Sound Baths

Please contact us about Sound Baths/Mediation sessions, Day Retreats and Workshops.

A Sound Bath/Sound Healing with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls is an opportunity for the human body and mind to let go, relax and re-energise. Our entire human body, down to our DNA is crystalline in structure, causing it to respond to the frequencies that resonate from the quartz crystal.

We also run day retreats and workshops.

Please Note: These are not medical interventions and we are not medically trained.

Our experience shows that our clients have experienced improvements in social, emotional, behavioural or academic performance following our sensory therapies. However we do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, medical condition or any other physical or mental disorder and always recommend that clients consult their medical practitioners as appropriate and do their own research before commencing any of our therapies.