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Research on Biochemistry of the Gut

Children diagnosed as  ADHD/Autistic tend to have the following symptoms:

1.     Inflammation - mainly in the gut and brain

2.    Difficulty digesting gluten and casein, these form opiate compounds which can pass over the blood brain barrier - mimicking opiates in the brain. Making bread, pasta and dairy products addictive for your child.

3.    Methylation malfunction - affecting neurotransmitter production in the brain.

4.    A lower ability to rid the body of certain toxins.

5.    Power digestion which leads to nutrient deficiencies.  People with ADHD and Autism have low iron and zinc levels.

6.    Difficulty digesting carbohydrates due to low levels of certain enzymes.

7.     High levels of oxalates which affect gut function and mineral absorption.

Creating a vicious cycle of poor brain and gut health.


This is a fantastic Tedtalk on how your belly controls your brain.

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