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Is your child School Ready?

A child might be of ‘school age’ but are they actually ready for school.  Are they able to receive the information/knowledge that the teachers are trying to give them?

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If a child has instability in their developmental processes, their ‘higher’ brain will be working extra hard to support them, this then slows down the actual processing abilities that they are able to tap into.  Extra support, tuition, or brain training isn’t going to be effective until their root stability is in place.  


From the age of 7 years, we (The Neuro-Balance Centre) are able to access where that particular child is in their developmental progress and identify any anomalies. This can be due to Auditory issues, Neuro-developmental issues e.g. retained Primitive Reflexes (an under-developed Central Nervous System) and it may also be due to certain imbalances within their gut (second brain).

Signs to look out for:

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